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Meet Patrick Murphy

Why Patrick Murphy should be your next Realtor...

  • Has successfully represented clients just like you in some of the most competitive markets in Canada
  • Has been licensed in three different provinces over each of the last four decades
  • Founder/owner of Re/max Orchard Country Summerland 14 years
  • Raised in Summerland and raised his family in Summerland
  • Extensive training and experience in negotiation skills
  • Energy Efficient and Sustainable Housing training
  • Recipient of numerous awards including Re/max 100% Club, Lifetime Achievement Award and the Platinum Club


I have to tell you up front, I suck at golf…because I hardly ever play golf. I love the game but between my work and my family I only golf once or twice a year, usually sponsoring for charity. You already know plenty of mediocre golfers, anyway, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my down time, it’s just that I really do love doing what I do! REAL ESTATE. And besides, in these market conditions, do you want a golfer and a socializer or do you want to work with a committed professional?

I carry my smart phone with me so I know IMMEDIATELY when I get requests for information. Essentially, you can know that with me as your representative, any text messages, Facebook updates, phone calls and web alerts are received and dealt with promptly.

Personal Background

In the 1970’s, my father became Summerland’s first full-time Fire Chief, so as a young person I was blessed to grow up here, in small town Okanagan. Like many Summerland Secondary grads, I was keen to get out and see the world.

I entered the Real Estate field joining the Toronto Real Estate Board after completing the educational requirements for Ontario. Being a virtual unknown in a large, fiercely competitive market, I quickly learned that I needed to work very hard in order to compete for my clients.

I became one of the top producing Agents in my first year by focusing on customer service and client results. As I had more and more sales interactions, I dealt with Realtors that brought a variety of attitudes (good AND bad). I quickly discerned that work habits, strong work ethic, sales skills and ability make a REAL difference in results for clients.

My Philosophy


As a result of applying what I had learned, I was asked to work at a first class RE/MAX office in Toronto. During the 1980’s, it was unheard of that a relative newcomer to the business, in an unfamiliar area, would come to work alongside the city’s top producers at such a young age.

I already knew that you have to get out and make things happen if you want to help your clients, I was doing just that! But, working with these top Agents taught me a lot about marketing, negotiating and communicating. I gained valuable experience and built a solid reputation for hard work and savvy real estate dealings while working with RE/MAX in Ontario.

Not many Realtors have the experience of working in more than one place, and very rarely outside their home town, but I was fortunate to work in several key Canadian markets.

With my background in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver, the most important lessons I saw in action over those years were:

1) Experience MATTERS: Just putting in time alone does not create experience that will benefit a client.

2) Work Ethic MATTERS: If a Realtor is not willing to work HARD, it shows in results for the client.

3) Ability MATTERS: Simply put, not everyone with a license has the ability to actually SELL real estate. That is one reason why there is so much turnover in this business. You probably have seen Realtors come and go!

Everyone THINKS they can sell real estate, but they soon find out that it’s more than just playing some golf!

To really get results for clients, the Realtor MUST be committed, focused and NOT part time.

Professional History

After training in Denver, Colorado and fulfilling licencing requirements, I founded RE/MAX Orchard Country in 2002. I went to work to build a successful, community-oriented office with the same work ethic I had already used to build significant clientele in three major centers.

My knowledge of Real Estate combined with my local upbringing here has enabled me to do what I love, where I love to live! This has rounded out my vision for a positive lifestyle combination of family, faith and small town living in Summerland.

Having learned and succeeded at the craft (and art) of Real Estate over the years, I am a progressive internet marketing expert including social network marketing with very strong negotiating skills. In short, a well-rounded Realtor with extensive experience and education to back it up!

My Okanagan experience combined with my earlier years as Realtor/Investor in some of Canada’s biggest centers has led me to be a small town, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and local Realtor. Repeat business and long-term client friendships over the years mean everything to me and continue to be a key focus of my business. I combine this unique experience and a fun, edgy but caring personality that attracts clients of all ages and backgrounds. These clients come from all over BC, Alberta and other parts of Canada.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to read this to get to know a bit about me.

A Most Important Decision

I hope the information above is helpful to you as you consider who to hire as your representative in one of life’s biggest transactions. Obviously, if you are taking time to read through this bio, you are seriously considering me for that important role. I understand it can be a really tough decision but it can be especially so if you already know “a friend” in the business (particularly in a small town). Many people know more than one friend in the business which can make a decision difficult.

My advice is to remember that this is a SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLAR service contract.

You need to be sure you hire the best possible Agent, not the friendliest, not the one whose Mom sits near your Uncle in Church, and certainly NOT A GOOD GOLFER!

You owe me nothing. You owe yourself the opportunity to choose who you want. This is probably the most expensive money asset you will ever own and it is very important you understand your options clearly and professionally.

My Offer to You...

I am very pleased to make this sincere offer. I will meet with you privately, in total discretion to help you make a non-pressured decision. If you still choose to hire “your friend in the business because he golfs or because she sits near your aunt in church,” I promise to not have hard feelings, and all I ask is that you pay me $75 (a portion of which I will donate to Okanagan Similkameen Neurological Society). Sound fair?

Always remember you are welcome to check me out on Facebook, and I am a text message or phone call away at my direct line cell (250) 486-2529. You could also take just a minute to email me with any input, suggestions, or a real estate question at

Helping you find your best real estate answers this year!

Patrick Murphy
Realtor, RE/MAX Orchard Country

Property Listed for Sale

6066 Highway 97


1 Acres

10513 Elliott Street


3 beds • 2 baths • 1192 Sq Ft

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